Homestay accommodation is an enjoyable way for international students to learn Canadian culture, practice English conversation skills and make friends with people from different cultures. The homestay service offered by WTC provides a valuable experience in Canada and can be extremely beneficial to students.

WTC Homestay Benefits


  • Friendly, caring family
  • English environment
  • Some families are immigrants, who understand about living in a foreign country
  • Students can live with other international students; an opportunity to experience different cultures
  • Single, private room to sleep and study
  • WTC Homestay families have worked with Western Town College for years, and have a lot of experience hosting international students
  • Students can learn about Canadian Culture from their family
  • Homestay families provide students with opportunities to practice their English
  • Homestays provide a safe environment for students


What to speak of my home stay? A lot! I could have this experience and it was amazing also with amazing people and different cultures.

I lived for three months in Cecilia’s house, who now I consider my Canadian mother, and I could live with other students who came from various places in the world, apart from herself, who is Chilean. In her house, I felt many times like in my own house and she took care of all of us as a mother, welcoming caring and always concerned about our well being. For those who will come for short time as I did, only three months in Toronto, the home stay is the best option because you have a house, a room and meals, which varies according to your package, plus you have the company of his “family” and perhaps other students who are in the same situation as yours.

In my home stay I could share experiences with Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Brazilians and others students, as I mentioned earlier, with Chilean culture and I could participate in a “Chilean party”, we ate typical food, drinks and the house was decorated accordingly.

I learned a lot from all those who I had contact, both in my home stay, and at Western Town College and even away from my family, I felt supported all the time, because I always had someone to turn to. I advise everyone to at least once in your lives, to experience this adventure! You will go back renewed, with many friends from different nationalities, many stories, not to mention..very mature! Julia Marier