Power Talk Master

Power Talk Master is an advanced, two-month diploma course designed to improve a student’s fluency in both informal and professional speaking. It concentrates on increasing confidence through conversations, presentations and accuracy. Power Talk Master prepares students for excellence in both job interviews and speaking tests (TOEIC and IELTS). There is an emphasis on teaching advanced vocabulary, idioms and expressions and matching them to each student’s personal and professional goals. All mistakes are corrected and explained.

Each morning begins with an activity in which all students must give a prepared commentary on a topic of their choice. Following this period, a theme is introduced and developed throughout the day by students through vocabulary acquisition and discussion in both teams and pair work.

Power Talk Master is a class for serious students who want to reach their highest potential in English.

8 weeks full-time course

Student Testimonial

” Communication is the most challenging point when we are learning a new language, that’s why I chose Power Talk Master.

After taking PTM, I am able to express my opinions about any subject. This course is not only about English, but it is about general knowledge as well. Teacher Lawrence conducts his classes brilliantly by taking our best, and because of him my view of the world changed completely. ”

-Fernanda Vispico