IELTS Preparation Program

IELTS Expertise 6.5 Program

Program Description:

The IELTS Expertise: 6.5 Program is designed for those who are aiming at achieving IELTS band score of 6.5, which allows them to go to most universities and colleges in Canada and the United States. This program prepares you for all four IELTS skills, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. With a focus on both improving academic English skills and test-taking techniques, the teacher will cover one skill per week and you will find yourself benefiting this systematic approach to each skill.

Students will be evaluated throughout the program, and must attend a practice test at the end of every month. To keep you on track, ongoing feedback and one-on-one consulting on your strengths and weaknesses based on the result of IELTS practice tests will be provided by the teacher.

This program also includes free IELTS tutoring classes, which allow you to work on your weak skills through practice in order to achieve your IELTS target.   

 ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Reach level 6 or higher in the WTC placement test (in paper or online); Or a valid IELTS Certificate with a minimum overall band score of 5.

About the Instructor:

A good IELTS instructor understands the importance of this test, and has the experience to help the students achieve their goals.Will has over 5 years experience teaching the IELTS exam techniques, tips and   preparation, as well as improving his student’s overall English skills to help the student succeed after they take their exam. As the director of the IELTS program at Westgroup Ltd., he developed ground-breaking curriculum designed to help students who typically struggle with Writing and Speaking to develop the confidence and skills they need to get the best band score possible for their level and ability. Will’s background in theatre and work as a public speaking coach gives him a dynamic teaching personality which students love, and makes the classes fun and exciting as well as informative and life-changing.