English Fluency Training (EFT)

About the Program

This course features a set of useful activities which will help students build their confidence and overall fluency in speaking.  There are regular pronunciation workshops to target issues for different language groups and for individuals.  Our focus is more on how to say regular ‘everyday’ sentences using the target sounds for that day, and then the students use technology to test the accuracy of their pronunciation.  It’s very challenging, fun and at times even exciting especially when students see improvements. 

EFT also features a unique section called Speaking Clinic in which students focus on talking about a topic of their choosing several times to build confidence and fluency while practicing self-assessment and correction.  However, the biggest part of the program is the focus on conversation.  Speaking skills get better as they talk about contemporary social issues (both fun and serious, simple and complex), and take part in numerous student-led discussions.  There are several listening and reading activities connected to current topics through which the students learn lots of expressions and vocabulary in general. Every day, the students are given one or two grammar issues to review and keep in mind during their conversations, so that they are able to build accuracy in their speaking.