Test Preparation Program

Academic English

Academic English is a theme-based, advanced level English class. It provides a wide variety of creative and thought-provoking activities in reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is an integrated-skills program and students learn how to think critically in English. Students can prepare for college entrance exams through this course.

Admission requirement: Completion of Level 6

Career English & TOEIC

Our TOEIC course prepares students to write the official TOEIC test and improve the language skills used in a business environment. The course teaches successful test taking strategies, as well as vocabulary, idioms, and grammar structures. Students can learn the difference between casual and formal language used in business. Our school uses the most contemporary materials and offers students many opportunities to practice exercises similar to those on the official TOEIC exam.

Admission requirement: Completion of Level 5

TOEFL iBT Preparation Program

Our TOEFL iBT class is designed to help students succeed at the new TOEFL internet-based test. This test requires students to not only know the fundamentals of English grammar, but also to be able to use this grammar to express ideas and opinions, respond to written or spoken English, and integrate information to present coherent ideas.

Admission requirement: Completion of Level 6