Are you interested in not only mastering your knowledge of English, but also passing that knowledge on to others?

WTC and CCLCS have an exciting new partnership that is just for you!
Through this program, you will study English for at least four months with WTC. We will strengthen your English in all aspects, such as speaking, writing, and reading. If you study hard and aim to improve yourself, you can then apply to CCLCS’s TESL program. Keep in mind, CCLCS has strict entrance requirements and you will have to study hard at WTC to increase your chance of being accepted at CCLCS. To enroll at CCLCS, students will be required to pass an interview as well as a writing assessment.

CCLCS feature the following exciting benefits:

– Small class sizes with student-centered learning.

– Trained more than 3,400 teachers since 1991.

– Experienced teachers with global knowledge.

– Flexible programs to meet student’s needs.

– Reputation of excellence in ESL teacher training.

– One of the first schools to be recognized by TESL Ontario and TESL Canada.

CCLCS TESOL Diploma is recognized by TESL Canada




TESL Ontario


TESL Toronto

If you are accepted, you will spend up to 10 weeks in CCLCS’s TESL program. The first month is in depth in class learning. The rest of your time will be spent in a 25-hour practicum as well as completing assignments. If you work diligently, there is even the possibility to finish before 10 weeks!

Once you pass this class, your CCLCS certificate will be valid to apply for a TESL Canada Certification at any time so long as, within 2 years of applying for TESL Canada, you have scored an overall 7 on the IELTS academic test with a minimum 7 in each subject area or a TOEFL iBT overall 101 with a minimum of 23 in listening, 24 in reading, 27 in speaking and 27 in writing in addition to a 4 year degree.


Full-time WTC Full-time CCLCS
Mon-Fri Mon, Tues & Thurs, Fri
9 AM ~ 4 PM10 AM ~ 3:45 PM