General English

ESL AM (9 AM-12PM): Grammar with integrated skills

In our morning classes, students learn fundamental grammar points and integrated skills necessary to communicate in English. Our ESL classes include 7 levels. ESL Levels 1 to 6 focus on general English grammar with integrated skills. In Level 7, students study more specific subjects such as University Preparation Program, Power Talk Master, English Fluency Training, TOEFL & IELTS preparation and Business English Speaking.

ESL (level 1-6) PM (1PM-2:30PM): Electives

Students can choose elective courses in the afternoon-appropriate for their level and interests. These courses allow students to build and practice effective communication.

  • Vocabulary & Reading
  • Conversation
  • Current Event through Media
  • English in Action
  • Business Career English Speaking
  • English Fluency Training

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Some programs may not be offered without a notice if the programs do not have a minimum number of students.


Free Classes:

4:10 p.m to 5:00 p.m
WTC offers free afternoon classes focusing on conversation, pronunciation, idioms,and many other English-focused activities.