University Link Program (ULP)

Have you finished at least grade 11 in your home country and want to go to university in Canada? You’re in luck! WTC and Western Town Collegiate are proud to bring you the University Link Program (ULP). Over ten months, project participants will be to study English courses at WTC and local high school credits at Western Town Collegiate to earn the Ontario High School Diploma and English fluency required for University admission, as well as Academic English language ability.



This program is open to both High school 3rd grade (grade 11 in Canada) students and above as well as any prospective university student wishing to improve their marks and English ability. From 9 am to 12 pm students will have ESL classes at WTC. From 1pm to 6 pm students will have high school credit courses at Western Town Collegiate.

Canadian universities admit students based on their GPA from their final year of high school. This program gives you a strong grade 12 transcript with all classes required for an Ontario High School Diploma. WTC provides the English fluency, academic speaking, and writing skills required, while Western Town Collegiate provides the high school credits required for university admittance. With this exciting new program, you can go from your home country to a Canadian university in as short as 10 months!

Receive ESL and University Preparation training from WTC and 8 high school courses from Western Town Collegiate for a total of $30,290. Canada is home to many TOP universities in the world, many of which are consistently ranked in the top 100 with the University of Toronto consistently ranking in the top 15.

Some Universities that YOU could attend are:

University of Toronto
  • University of Toronto, Toronto, ON. –
  • KOWN FOR: Computer Science
  • GRADES REQUIRED: High 80s in six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English and Calculus and Vectors
  • McGill University, Montreal, QC. –
  • KNOWN FOR: Linguistics
  • GRADES REQUIRED: 85.5% overall; 82% in each English or French course in Top 6 4U English or French Ontario high school applications are reviewed based on McGill’s own calculation of the “top six” pre-university (4U and 4M) course average. A minimum of six 4U and 4M courses are required for admission; at least four of these required courses, as well as all prerequisite courses, must be taken at the 4U level
western university
  • University of Western Ontario, London, ON –
  • KNOWN FOR: Management and Organizational Studies (Business)
  • GRADES REQUIRED: Mid to high 80s in English, ENG4U And two of: Advanced Functions, MHF4U Calculus and Vectors, MCV4U Math of Data Management, MDM4UCalculus and Vectors MCV4U and/or a university Calculus course is required prior to taking mandatory upper-year Economics courses in Finance for DAN, and pursuing a Major or Honors Specialization in Economics.NOTE: King’s University College, a WTC pathway partner, is affiliated with Western. Any student wishing to enter King’s who has completed WTC’s University Preparation Program (UPP) which is included as part of the ULP DOES NOT REQUIRE any additional IELTS or TOEFL testing to fulfill English Language Requirements.
York University
  • York University, Toronto, ON. –
  • KNOWN FOR: History
  • GRADES REQUIRED: Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) ENG4U And five additional 4U or M courses – recommended 4U French. To gain admission to this program, your academic average should be in the mid-to-high 70s.
  • University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON –
  • KNOWN FOR: Engineering
  • GRADES REQUIRED: Depends on the type of Engineering. An example: Chemical Engineering – Required courses: • Advanced Functions 4U — A minimum grade of 70 is required • Calculus and Vectors 4U — A minimum grade of 70 is required • Chemistry 4U — A minimum grade of 70 is required • English 4U (ENG4U) — A minimum grade of 70 is required • Physics 4U — A minimum grade of 70 is required General requirements: o Students admitted to an Engineering program (excluding Architecture) must have a final overall average of 85% or higher. o Higher averages are required for admission to programs where demand exceeds the number of places available.