About Toronto


With a population over 5 million, Toronto is an active, global city.

  • A widely recognized centre of education, technology, recreation and business
  • Surrounded by nature; Toronto has the eight, largest fresh lake in the world, Lake Ontario
  • A city in which you can fully experience all four seasons
  • Developed and modern transportation system
  • Vibrant culture of all nationalities present throughout both the day and night

Some fun facts:

  • Toronto is home to the Western Hemisphere’s tallest free-standing structure, the CN Tower
  • The city has one of the world’s longest streets running through it; Yonge Street is 1,178 miles (1896 kilometers) long.
  • For a city of its size, Toronto is also very safe. It has been rated as the safest large metro area in North America by Places Rated Almanac.
  • Toronto is Canada’s largest city in terms of population
  • Over 30% of residents in Toronto speak a language other then English/French



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