WTC and CCLCS are excited to announce our new partnership program! Study English for as little as 4 months at WTC and, upon passing their entrance requirements, be trained to teach English as a second language in 10 weeks at CCLCS. This is an exciting new opportunity for students that can lead to a TESL Canada certification and also provides an opportunity to study with Canadians and native English Speakers.

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University Link Program

Great News! WTC and ELPIS’s new University Link Program (ULP) is here! Study English at WTC and earn Ontario High School Credit at ELPIS to apply to a Canadian University of your choice! Study English in the morning at WTC while earning Ontario High School credits in the afternoon with ELPIS. You could be in a university classroom in just ten months!

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WTC is now proudly Sault College’s ESL Program in Toronto!

WTC Students who complete the University Preparation Program (UPP) will not be required to produce further evidence of English proficiency. Sault College will consider these students for Direct Entry into academic diploma programs!

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University Preparation Program

This is a pathway program designed for students who want to enter colleges/universities in Canada or the U.S. Students will study academic English to develop all of the integrated English skills

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Power Talk Master

Power Talk Master is a class recommended for serious students who want to reach their highest potential in English. It is not a lecture class. It is an interactive seminar where each student learns to question issues, express their opinions and develop their own voice as they journey toward becoming a global citizen of the English-speaking world.

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NEWS Letter

[Korean]벌써 9월 입니다. 9월은 여름의 마지막과 가을의 시작 사이에 있는 달로써 ‘노동절’로 대표되는 달입니다.

안녕하세요. Sharon입니다. 토론토는 많은 사람들이 너무 매너있고 타인을 배려하는 것이 몸에 베어 있는 것 같습니다. 대중교통을 타면 많은 사람들이 실례합니다, 미안합니다. 이런말들을 항상 들을 수 있습니다. WTC 야외활동중 다른반 친구들과 함께 볼링을 치러갔던 것이 기억에 남는데, 볼링을 한번도 쳐본 적이 없었는데도 불구하고 학교친구들과 다 같이 좋은 시간을 보냈습니다. 그리고 콜린과 함께하는 4시이후 Activity중 자유주제로 대화하며 학생들의 문법을 고쳐주는데,... read more

[Japanese]9 月5 日(月)は労働の日

生徒さんへのアンケート Q : トロントに来て驚いた事は何ですか? A : それほど寒くなかったことです。例年よりもかなり Mild Winter だったとのことですが、ダウ ンタウン内は地下道も多く、長時間外にいることもないので意外と大丈夫でした。カナダ人は寒さに強いというよりは、防寒対策をしっかりしているのだなと思いました。 Q : トロントで記憶に残る思い出は何ですか? A : クラスメイトとコリアン BBQ... read more

[Chinese] 月到啦!9月是夏天過度到秋天的一個月。

我覺得住在多倫多最好的事情就是可我覺得住在多倫多最好的事情就是 可以參加以參加各國的各國的特殊節特殊節慶和慶和文化,加拿大基本上有各國的人居住在這,所以會有亞洲節、日本節、韓國節、小義大利節或是希臘節,在這些特殊節日都會有相關活動,我可以在多倫多一次體驗各國的風情和嘗遍各地的美食,比如說參加小義大利節,我可以吃到道地的披薩、 冰淇淋和Rice Ball,也可以聽到義大利充滿熱情的音樂和舞蹈,彷彿真的到達義大利一樣,非常的有趣,除此之外,他們還有寵物節、瑜珈節、電影節等等主題節日,夏天的活動很多,讓我的假日很充實一點都不無聊。... read more